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Frascio International L.L.C.
re-spon-sive; adjective
1. Reacting or replying quickly or favorably, as to a suggestion, initiative, etc.
2. Frascio

Frascio International L.L.C.
so-phis-ti-cat-ed; adjective
1. Complex or intricate, as a system, process, piece of machinery, or the like
2. Frascio

Frascio International L.L.C.
mod-ern; adjective
Characterstic of present and recent time; contemporary; not antiquated or obsolete
2. Frascio

Frascio International L.L.C.
in-no-va-tive; adjective
1. using or showing new methods, ideas, etc.
2. Frascio

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Frascio International L.L.C.

Thank you for visiting the web site of FR International. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our offering of exquisite Italian inspired designs for commercial applications. With FR International, you get the best of both style and durability. There is no reason to compromise on either one. In addition to what you might see on our site, we also specialize in modifications, custom trim, and adaptations to existing door and/or frame conditions. Please let us know how we can create a solution for you.

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Tuke Chrome Glitter The modern inspired Tuke lever with Murano glass inserts.
745 Modulo L
Frascio International L.L.C.
220 Alpha
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Frascio International L.L.C.
Capricorn Tower Dubai
United Arab Emirites
Frascio International L.L.C.
Watermark Tower
San Francisco, CA
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